nesting in the chicken coop

Your chicken coop and the environment


chickens and the environment

You probably know someone who has recently joined the
craze” and is busy showing off their fresh eggs. But did you know that keeping your own chickens is not only simple and rewarding but good for the environment as well? Read on to find out how.

Going Green With Chickens

Many people build portable chicken coops in their yard and move them regularly. If you choose to do this, you will find that chicken manure is a high-quality fertilizer, and it has the benefit of being all-natural and chemical-free.

In addition, it is an effective ingredient for enriching compost, which you can spread around your yard even if you choose a stationary coop. Plus, you will know exactly what is in your fertilizer—and it isn’t harmful chemicals!

Organic Pest Control And Soil Improvement

Chickens naturally peck and scratch for insects and other bugs. Free-range chickens in your yard will help control the population of insects eating your plants. In the process of hunting for them, chickens also aerate soil and accelerate decomposition by breaking up chunks of vegetation

Hen House Eggs Are A Sustainable Food Source

This is the reason many people raise chickens. It’s hard to find a food source more local than your backyard! No need to get in the car and burn gas to pick up this handy food!

Also, when it comes to the eggs from your own chickens, you will know exactly what went into the food you’re eating—and home-grown eggs are much more nutritional than the store-bought kind, since your own chickens will have a chance to eat a variety of food.


Creating Your Chicken House


Once you decide to buy chickens, you will need to build a chicken coop. We've written a fantastic eBook that gives information about building a stationary or portable coop, suggestions on various egg boxes, selecting breeds, and much more. Click Here! for more information and to find out about our special bonus offer. Raising chickens is rewarding and environmentally friendly, and the right coop is the first step!